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Enough already!!

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Totally enough of the "It" products as well.........

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Enough of all the repetition of products.   Nothing new.  Same gifts as years past with maybe new colors.  The makeup kits do not interest me because there are 3 or 4 items each in multiple colors that do not work for my girls.  I would buy if 1 item each and made for different skin tones.  For those of us who have been with QVC for many years we do not need more of the same old thing.  We are looking for new and different to give as gifts.  For those of you who are not familiar with these products enjoy.  The roads are plowed and temp is rising so I will be off to the mall shortly.  They are advertising great sales with no shipping.  Off to enjoy the "thrill of the hunt".

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I totally agree.  So many people have complained about this issue, but no one at QVC listens.  I just don't watch these shows.  if I want any bath products, I buy them at TJ Maxx for a fraction of the price of Philosophy.  I do like the products at The Body Shop, particularly their tubs of Body Butters.  They do have wonderful sales, and I stock up then - Moringa is our favorite scent.


So many have also complained about their cologne scents not lasting since Coty bought their business.  What's the incentive to buy them?

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I would totally appreciate someone from corporate Coty address this issue with the customers on QVC.  Whatever the info, let it be truthful, and let us know.  Otherwise we are quickly losing respect for the whole line.