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Todays Special is a nice wear everyday knit top.  The disappointing thing is that

it does not come in petite sizes.  Todays tops are typically long anyway and most

do not look good after you try to hem them.  It would be nice to see petite women

thought of when you sell clothes.

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Nothing special about TSV.   Just a couple tee tops.  I would like to see something really special and exciting. 


What I did like were the putty/white printed pants, but they do not come in petite.  That is unusual for D&C as they usually offer Petite in pants.


I also find the tops too long - there is a difference between a top and a tunic.  I don't like it when they call an item a top and is really tunic length.  If it is 28" don't call it a top; it is a tunic.  TSV seems OK for Petite's to me and I am petite.


I would like to see more tunics offered in Petite

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It seems that the PTB refuse to believe that not all women are long-waisted and long-legged.

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I am a L/ XL 5ft 1 inch woman and I need petite tops otherwise they shoulders don't fit and they bunch up at the neck line. Also they are usually a little too long. Also I would like a petite pedal pusher at 15 inch length. Pedal pushers for me are a crop pant! 

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I agree need more petite tops .   Sometimes QVC   tops will fit me nicely other times not,  if they hit at the wrong place in length then it will draw attention to areas I dont want to draw attention too or will hang wrong in the back.  Im Short waisted plus am busty so shorter tops that hit in the right place would be great!   Do have long legs ,  that is where my length comes in ,  but still sometimes petite length is still too long .... Would like a 25" or 26" length in long pant ,  not 27" or 28" as most are.   Capris are fine though for me no matter where they hit.   Not everyone is tall or even regular ,  come on QVC offer more petites and I will buy more.


 I like Susan Gravers liquid knit but her tops aren't always consistent.  When the are and fit my shorter height the are very complimentary in tops mostly.  Her pants fit nicely.

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I've been asking QVC for petites for years.  They are missing out on  a huge shopping market.  I also don't consider pants that are 29" or 30" petites.   Have taken my shopping elsewhere (mostly online) where I can buy items that fit me correctly and I don't have to bother going to a seamstress and spending the extra time and money on alterations. 

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I agree with all the ladies, like me that need petite tops. I also question the fact that plus size tops are longer, being a plus size does not mean we are tall! It's been quite a while I cannot order any tops because of the length, tunics do not look good on a plus size, being short makes it even worst, 25-26 inches would be the ideal length, 30-33 in length look horrible on me, I've tried hemming them, but they don't look good. 


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Right on ladies!  Just because we are petite doesn't mean we are a size 2.  The larger the size the longer the tops are.  I ususally wear a large/xl and those tops are way too long.  QVC is missing the mark on this but maybe we aren't worth it to them after all it is all about the $$$.  I won't buy anything any longer that I don't love or doesn't fit me correctly.  I will not take clothing in to be altered unless it's for a special occasion.  Becoming more selective in my advanced years!

It is what it is!!!
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There is no way I could wear the tops on the Q. I have tried and they almost look like a dress. Thankfully other stores carry petites so it isn’t a problem. 

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I am 5ft 3 and wear a size small, I need petite especially for the sleeve length. I don't usually buy tops from the Q unless they offer petites, but IM's T shirts fit me and are not too long. I don't know why the Q won't offer the petite tops on a regular basis either. I also won't buy a top from the Q unless they show it on a petite model.