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They are so LOUD ... I can't watch them together... Rachael follows whatever Kim does ... They are definitely not a good match...
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They keep singing & dancing!  I don't watch fashion shows for that!

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@January121  I love that they are having a little fun showing the tsv & other pieces in Kim's line.  

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If any twosome aggravates you, for Pete's sake, change the channel.  Watching QVC is not mandatory.  It's getting late, everyone is tired and people tend to get silly under such conditions.

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I enjoy Rachel and Kim together, along with the singing and dancing.  

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I'm really enjoying watching them tonight. They are making me laugh....very good show plus I bought a few items too!

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Think I'll turn it on.  Could use a few laughs.

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What's wrong with being happy and laughing? The world could use more of it.

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For all those who keep saying CHANGE the CHANNEL we KNOW we can do that. Duh...... But we WANT to WATCH the show for our own reasons & can't because its annoying!  Got it?