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I prefer not to watch Vanessa, Rosina or Nancy.  Stacy Rush is my favorite new one.

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My favorite is Nancy Yoon. 

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I really enjoy watching Steve Doss.

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@Mindy D wrote:

I agree with the OP. I like the new hosts. There's one that I think was judged very prematurely by those on the Forum. I like her very much now because of her sweetness, humility, and her genuine interest in the clothing because it's new to her. She's not jaded or bored by the clothing she's presenting. She also puts on her outfits from Denim & Co, styling it herself. The outfits look so good on her that I've bought 3 of the same clearance tops from one show, one square neck tee from another and I have the jeans she wore and will wear the first three tops with them. I've never done this from clothing presentations before. There was only two other shows when a host influenced my purchase in the many years I've shopped with QVC, and that was for two food items. I  wish those here would give her another chance. It's Nancy Yoon. 

I think Nancy Yoon is pretty good with her presentation.  She is always groomed well and looks good in the clothing.  I appreciate her enthusiasm and she seems to be actually interested in the item and describing it.  Now, if she would only restrain from saying a certain vendor's name too much, she would be close to perfect.  I wonder if that is something QVC training has her do that in order to seem friendly or familiar, I don't know.



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I have no idea who those people are----but finally adults in the house??!!