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@Johnnyeager wrote:

Voluntary retirements also create vacancies.


QVC has a very elderly workforce.

@Johnnyeager    Heaven knows we need more of them!

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@lgfan wrote:

With a shopping channel like QVC it is always a good idea to have too many hosts rather than too little.  What if two or three seasoned hosts decide to retire around the same time.  QVC is prepared with having a surplus of hosts to replace them.

Not likely they can do this.  There are contractual obligations I'm sure they must follow.  Not like your typical 9-5 go to office and leave when you want.  Contracts are different.  Each party to a contract must uphold his/her part of the contract @lgfan 

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There are a couple of hosts would need to do a disappearing act IMHO!

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There are a couple of hosts who are nowhere near retirement age that I wish would depart.

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Justholdingon said: 



"if you really think about it, they don't need two hosts per show, so why hire more? All they do when they have two hosts is jibber jabber over each other."



I thought the same thing at first too. After all, it's been for a long time now that they usually have 2 hosts per show. Prior to that, they had fired a few hosts all at once. But then I saw how obvious the reason was and felt like an idiot for not noticing why in the first place. I am wondering if any of the current hosts will be fired as a result though.

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@rockygems123    Which new host looks like Terri Conn??.   One new host is a male, the others are a black woman and an Asian woman.

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It's just a run-on sentence lacking the necessary punctuation.

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They do have to staff three channels now and, who knows what all else. They must know how many staff they need. As for the hosts you think they overuse, those ladies have seniority, they have been with QVC a long time and maybe chose to work more shows. But, if QVC sells inferior products, as you sat, why watch? Save your viewing time for television that you really enjoy. 🙂