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There may be something to the comment about having so many hosts that they are just looking for a place to put them. But, don’t they also historically do a lot of pairs around the holidays anyways? Never understood it, but I think they do.

(I just cannot see the Leah/Shawn pairing. Agree that some people shouldn’t work in pairs.)
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         The problem I see with most hosting duos - not host with vendor - is that the hosts start acting so silly...almost like "let's see who can 'host' better than the other!"

         Don't know if they are competing for time, laughs or sales....but the crazy, foolishness becomes so pronounced!! And so often, the unprofessional silliness takes away from the presentation!!

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Re: More cohosting

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Obviously, but do they need 2 hosts to do that?

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I think that they are just 'switching it up' a bit.


Also, there could be too many hosts for the amount of  Q. shows.  'I don't know'..........


Well, I'll just wait and see.


Oh, wait!..........Maybe they are going to 'split' commissions (or points or quotas, or whatever). 

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