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Completely agree with the poster who talked about thinking it was the Monifa show.  I have moved her over into my unwatchable column, not a fan.

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A channel changer for me.....loud, talks nonstop, interrupts the vendors...


Prefer Leah, Pat, Jayne Brown, Mary Beth and Terri....I also enjoy Vanessa who came in about the same time as Monifa....Vanessa has really grown as a host







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She still interrupts guests and talks more than she should, but I have actually noticed significant improvements in her shows over the past month. She seems to be more prepared than in the past and is no longer an automatic channel-changer for me, even though she has a long way to go before I'd consider her presentations to be polished and professional. Hopefully, as the months go by, she'll continue improving.

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She's improving - still getting her wings, I'd say.  I don't care for it when they've made her the social media person, playing second fiddle to the main host.  It seems like a nothing job.

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She never stops running her mouth, I don't care about her personal life, she constantly interrupts the vendor. Stacy, and the Asian lady do it also!!! Beyond Annoying, I have to turn the channel!!!!
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I have never seen her interrupt and I don't think I have ever heard her talk about her personal life.I enjoy watching her

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Is Monifa still there?  I feel like it has been a long time since I have seen her on-air.  Maybe I am watching at the wrong time.

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She mentions her daughter a great deal, but no more so than does another host who speaks of her offspring.