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I just love these two together. Not only are the clothes of really good quality, but the two of them.are hysterically funny.  Some will say that it is silly, but they never fail to make us laugh and remember that even at our age, it's ok to be silly. And it is also ok to love the mighty Panthers! Please QVC, consider a weekly feature show with these two together, like ITKWD...only really funny! ❤

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@KG60 Mary and Kim have had a regular "featured" Wednesday morning show for 2 years now.


It may get preempted from time to time due to special "holiday" programming this time of year.


Program guide shows it's back November 29th, 9 am EST - 2 hour show.



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Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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1000% better than the alternative!   (the other regular host)

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Love Mary and Kim together! Especially fun when they go off on tangents and need to be reeled back in. I sure hope a lot of young ladies are absorbing the good things Kim projects and stands for. Also good for the youngins to see that it's possible to be funny and entertaining without digging into the garbage can!
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They are too loud & out of control 👎👎
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I love Mary w Kim and Mary period!

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Well said!!! 😊

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They are very loud.When Mary is on the hour before Kim or with other vendors she's fine then as soon as it's time for Kim, Mary starts singing, dancing, trying to be funny and gets louder. She acts like a fan girl, like she's dying to be Kim's BFF and it's embarrassing to watch so I don't anymore.
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Can't watch these cackling women.