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I've never heard Gary do such a hard sell as he has with this jacket.  There's a note of desperation in his voice.  I wonder if something is going on?

I noticed that as well.  I never heard him do that as much as he did ttod


🤔  I came across a short video of Gary and Carolyn on YouTube. They met for lunch, and afterwards Carolyn stated that she and Gary had a plan in the works, and would make an announcement in 2024. Is Gary leaving, or is Carolyn coming on board as a "Brand Ambassador?"

@ManyMeows. It could happen.  Gary has aged the past few years and may be thinking retirement.  TSV days seem very difficult for him.


Stay tuned.

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Can't help but notice that you leave a lot of very angry, hostile replies.


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I also watched the interview with MaryBeth and Carmela Sterling. I have always loved MaryBeth, but, I now have a renewed appreciation for  her. She is lovely, and refined.  There is a spiritual light that emanates from her.   She is a consumate professional while presenting on air products.  She gives measurements, sizes, lengths, colors, etc.  She is polished, and dignified. A breath of fresh air, and a calm alternative to the frantic antics of others.  May Blessings shower her always.



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May be an image of 3 people and television


Two of my new friends are new hosts on QVC! They are Chelsea on your left and Melissa on your right. They are truly kind and sweet and easy to love, and they are smart and talented as well! Please welcome them to the QVC family, and be supportive to them as they learn the job! You can always enjoy having new friends!!
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I watched Mary Beth describe a set of 3 Denim and Co tee shirts. There were 6 sets so she had to name 18 colors.  She did it perfectly without one flub. What a pro!

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What is wrong with you?? Please take a look at yourself because your ugliness is showing.
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It's a new routine for Gary and possible he's not liking it ?
We get set in patterns and suddenly a change can have a ripple effect.
If Carolyn appears as a brand ambassador I think it would suite her well. I really liked Carolyn's authenticity.
She made shopping easier.
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🙆 Now Here's The Thing .......  

If you buy it today, you'll get it at the sale price.


But if you wait and buy it tomorrow it won't be on sale. It will be at the regular price, if we still have anymore left.


So if you buy it tomorrow, it's gonna cost you more money than if you buy it today because tomorrow it won't be on sale.

This made me laugh out loud!!!  So true. 

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I watched Mary Beth describe a set of 3 Denim and Co tee shirts. There were 6 sets so she had to name 18 colors.  She did it perfectly without one flub. What a pro!

You are so right. Some hosts seem to have no clue about a product until they pick up that card. It shows they have not prepared. I also remember watching Carmella. She looks great.