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@Diva on The Q .............OK, thanks, I thought about that but figured Im so out of the loop anymore that it might be something new.

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I love that Mary is raving about Julia and letting her sub for her. Mary said Julia Cearley is one of her beasties and says she's a joy to work with

I highly doubt Mary has the power to "let" anyone sub for her. Quite sure the PTB makes that decision.

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MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SOOOOO much interest in others' lives....UGH! She's out for medical reasons!

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Mary was saying Julia is one of her besties as in one of her  best frinds.

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Mary previously bestowed such "bestie" honors upon Stacey Stauffer and Cathy Pedrayes.  It's all phony corporate advertising to present a picture of wholesome one big family comraderie.   In my view.

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^I so agree, and look what happened to them!