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Anyone know what's going on with the lunchtime special not being posted today?  It just isn't coming  up.......I really hope they are not discontinuing this feature because I've ordered many items there!  It's a big reason I even check the website each day.

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@Angelmanmom I noticed the same thing. Probably a glitch but I was wondering if perhaps they are doing away with the Lunchtime Specials. With all the issues QVC seems to have on their site I am assuming it's a temporary problem. I hope it's not a discontinuation of the Lunchtime Specials since I find them the most reasonable prices. 

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I was looking for it too. I hope it is not being discontinued. I will say I really don't like all the gameplaying with the prices. Once they have shown an item at a lower price, do they think people will then buy it at a higher price? Between that, and shipping costs, I am buying less.

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This has happened before.  I think it's just a glitch in their system.  

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And it's back!!!!  Guess there was a glitch but happy it's just late but now accounted for!

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Re: Lunchtime Special

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I see it's back but I do not like the layout - I don't want to scroll across to see the items and not see prices..  Also, I see that there is now as "AS IS" right below it that has the layout that shows each item with pricing.   I hope this is temporary...  Please go back to the original layout.......................UPDATE....  Just checked the old layout is back...   


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Still not working for me.

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I still can't pull it up.  Smiley Sad

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I don't see it either.  Remember when they stopped the LTS on weekends?   Maybe they are doing that again?

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Maybe they are out to lunch...