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Am I the only person sick of the same lunchtime specials day after day? It seems as if they've been advertising the same items for weeks. Ugh!

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Well, if you'd hurry up and buy them all, they'd replace them. 

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Most of my past purchases were Linea, H by Halston and LTS.


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And it seems they just keep adding items.  LTS used to be 30 or 40 items, now by the end of the weeks it's well over a hundred.  Don't like the new system.



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Re: Lunch time specials

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I don't think they're going anywhere until someone buys them.  They've actually managed to turn Lunchtime Special viewing into a chore.  Previously they offered a handful of items, different each day, and when you had a minute you could click on them and have a look.  If there was something good, you purchased; if not, check back the next day for a NEW batch of items.  Now you have to weed through the same qrap (of like 100 items) trying to figure out if there is anything new.  As I said, a chore.

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I hate the fact that they only clear the Specials once a week, usually Sunday night.  I will not look through 200+ items to see if there is something I might want to purchase. I only look on Mondays.Smiley Mad

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Don't look at me.  I don't even know, and don't want to know, where to find them.

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I don't even look anymore, if they have my size, I hate the color, and vice versa .

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I like the weeks worth since I don't get the opportunity to look everyday....between the Lunchtime Specials & the Blowout clearance I've purchased great items at great prices. A big 👍 for Q.