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Re: Lack of Return Labels with Items

Pulp and paper is the third largest industrial polluter to air, water, and land in the United States, and studies show that it releases well over 100 million kg of toxic pollution each year.

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Re: Lack of Return Labels with Items



I was curious and none of my items came from CA.  None were clothing.  My one piece of clothing is coming from PA.  Maybe that's why.  Who can figure out the Q, I can't.  I order very little as I have more than enough clothing for fall and winter and just picked up a few gifts.

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Re: Lack of Return Labels with Items

@Kachina624 wrote:

@mspatmac    I get most of my orders from the California warehouses and I get lots of them.  Its been months and months, maybe years, since I got a single invoice in one of those.



Add Wally to the list....I order very regularly from and have never, EVER received an invoice or return label.


I get several emails regarding the orders....that's it.


Way of it now....we better get used to it or just shop B&M.


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Re: Lack of Return Labels with Items

Luckily I rarely return items, but I am in favor of receiving a return label. I did need to return an item that I received without a return label and I called customer service and told them since I do not have a printer (no need for one) I would be writing all needed information on a piece on paper and enclose it in the package. She said that was fine. I say let them do the work if this is a new policy. I'm not willing to wait for them to mail me a label, returns take long enough as it is. I keep all the paperwork I receive until I get my credit card bill in order to reconcile my purchases. I know I can do it on line, but this system works best for me.
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Re: Lack of Return Labels with Items

@Ahisma wrote:

Long time Q customer here.....

I've noticed many of my shipments are coming in without return labels. 

Because I don't have a home printer, I had to call Customer service and have them mail me some. Not convenient. I also tried taking return labels from other shipments but the

codes don't match. 


Today I called for a label and I asked why some shipments have labels and some don't.

The rep said that they are doing away with return labels. That we will have to either find one with the order status online and print it, or have it mailed to us. 


My feeling is the Q is trying to discourage returns by doing this. Certainly, it couldn't cost that much for including the labels, especially for a succesful company like the Q. 

This will make it a lot more inconvenient for me and the return will take longer.

Anyone else feel as I do??



@Ahisma   Oh, there are many reasons my purchases at Q have dropped off, but these return label being absent is just one of them.


BTW, I've noticed that some other sites I order from are not including return labels (or any paper work) with the order.  


It's said they're saving paper. Huh? If I still have to print the papers and label, what paper is being saved?

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Re: Lack of Return Labels with Items

Companies are saving a lot in labels, paper and ink by not including invoices/ return labels and it's a very good thing.   Even though a percentage of people have to print a return label, and it's at the returner's expense, it's nowhere near the number of orders sent out.   Those savings are substantial.  
The number of homes in the US with a printer was 70% in 2020 and that was before the pandemic and all of the work at home situations.  
As long as QVC accepts handwritten labels as @Kachina624 has written a few times, there should be no issue.  


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Re: Lack of Return Labels with Items

But the least QVC could do if they are not going to be including return slips anymore is to have their online return printing in working order for those that do have the ability to print their own.  From what I understand even the email link that customer service was sending didn't print either.


A mom-and-pop operation can get away with sending return slips through the mail.  QVC can't do that with the huge number of prepaid returns it gets.

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Re: Lack of Return Labels with Items

No labels in my orders ever. You can't print from there site. It's messed up. Customer service won't email label(s) only through snail mail. Took 2 weeks and 2 days to receive a return label. Labels are now $8.95
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Re: Lack of Return Labels with Items

To add insult to injury, had to send back a defective item and the label would not print. Paid my own postage and sure enough over $10.00 was deducted from final refund. The rep was courteous when I explained but even calling, I was shorted a few cents. What's with that? Do it to thousands of customers and it adds up.🙄

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Re: Lack of Return Labels with Items

I have been charged for a return label I did NOT use for a return, paid my own postage.  Then last week I did have a return label and assumed it was the usual one.  I put it on the return package and proceeded to the post office.  Thank goodness the postal worker noticed my return label was the same as the shipping label the package was sent to me.  Had she not noticed I would have been paying to have the package shipped back to me!  A lot of time and gas wasted over this package.