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@wifey2qt wrote:

Oh , oh , oh, the weight came off pretty quickly ........

I saw her today and she looked smaller than she did a few weeks ago.  I noticed another lady on Shophq who has lost a  lot of weight, Kendy and now Melissa.

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@sunshine 919, I noticed last week that Melissa has lost a ton of weight! Don’t know how she did it this time (a couple of years ago she had a personal trainer), but she looks great. Haven’t really noticed with Kendy, but she could lose many pounds if she would cut some of that hair. Don’t know how she can stand it, especially in those Minnesota summers!
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@Caaareful Shopper. She IS associated with a weight loss gummy lol. Watch her video!
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@Marciirene wrote:
I'm happy for anyone who can lose weight. That is half the battle, but to keep it off is another which requires discipline and determination. Kim popped up on one of my fb adds selling weight loss gummies lol. She claimed to take them and the weight just fell off...once a business woman...always a business woman lol!

@Marciirene Kim said she is not associated with those gummies at all.  LOL!

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Very pretty lady.  Love her accent.

But, I can't afford her prices.  Love the clothes.  But top and pants would be $120.00 plus shipping.