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Josie looks absolutely beautiful today.  Does anyone know where she got that tan?  Just wondered if she mentioned which specific product she used.

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She was living in the Caribbean at the beginning of COVID.  Not sure if she still is.  She has a self tanner in her line, so maybe that is what she is using

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I heard her say a few times over the past year that she was in Hawaii.. I thought maybe they had a place ?


I'd love to be living in Hawaii myself.. especially for my health !!

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Does her face look a little "lifted" today?
Could it be due to her makeup application?


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I saw her briefly while channel surfing. That was a beautiful dress she was almost wearing. Woman LOL

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Could not agree more.What a lovely woman. Just fun to look at

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I agree she is beautiful.


I decided to try one of her products.  The one you use in the shower to clean yourself with.


It made the bottom of the shower so slippery it was crazy.


I finally managed to get out of the shower, scrub the bottom and wash it away.


I had visions of me slipping in the shower and my friend coming over to check on me. I'd be laying there buck naked.


I'd feel sorry for him.  He wouldn't be able to "unsee" my chub sprawled out in that shower.


That's my story of me and Josie's Argon Oil.

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@annabellethecat Hahaha!!

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@Toots711   Josie is so beautiful.  I do agree she looks freshly "lifted".

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She is beautiful an also has to be a millionaire by now.Good for her!