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QVC not coming on on Comcast right now. MSNBC coming on instead. Anyone else having this problem? Called comcast. No problem on their end. Thank you

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@Flashgordon   Maybe they just changed the channel line-up and it's on another channel.

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I have Comcast and all of the QVC channels are on for me, right now on QVC is 'ITKWD'.

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You can livestream it on youtube.

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@Flashgordon   We have comcast cable also and qvc is airing on the channel it always has.  When you called comast they had no comment as to why msnbc was on your usual qvc channel?  Did they check to see if the qvc channel had been changed?  Can you just scroll channels and see if you can find it somewhere?  You could also ask on your nextdoor website and see if your neighbors are having the same situation and/or have some insight. 

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No problem here.


Usually, Comcast offers suggestions, but if you only talked to Customer Service...they know nothing about technical problems.  


I'm assuming you asked your remote to find the channel.  Did you also key in your channel numbers?   


Possibly, a problem with your remote. You could try changing your batteries.  Sometimes my remote doesn't understand me when the batteries are low and another channel comes on.  


If your batteries are new, pull the plug on your cable box for about 30 seconds.  Then, try your remote again.  


If that doesn't work, call Comcast, ask for Technical Support.  Before you do that, spot check other channels to see if they work.  They will ask.   







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Is this your personal TV, or could someone else have locked that channel?   I have Cox Communications, and MSNBC is Ch 63, and QVC is 64.....

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Thank you.

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Thank you all for your response. QVC is back! A Glitch somewhere.

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That's all I need is MSNBC on 2 channels -- 1 is more than enough.