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Take a drink every time Jane calls David "honey."

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Re: Jane and David

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@FishandSnail wrote:

Take a drink every time Jane calls David "honey."


@FishandSnail  saw a Thread aboput this subject not too long ago. Is she at it again?


Please don't get too high . Unless you are talking about water lol


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I would be drunk quickly!!!!!  I watched one show when Jane constantly called David Honey and that was it for me.

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Who  can abide Jane when she is  OFFICALLY the center of attention?  I can't watch under normal circumstances. 

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In the spirit of the Holiday Season let's stop the bashing Jane threads.  Seems she is brought into threads about any host mentioned in a negative way.  She is not in my top three hosts I really enjoy but she sure not near near the bottom.   Please stop watching her if all you can offer is criticism, and I can only imagine how stressful it must be to watch her.  


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all.  Since I'm having a solo thanksgiving my wonderful daughter ha a full turkey dinner with all the fixings from my favorite restaurant delivered today.  Had a bit today and plenty to have another dinner tomorrow.

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I noticed that tonight!  Terms of endearment were flying, not just from Jane to David, but also from David to Jane.  I guess he was just reciprocating.  It was a bit much, to say the least.

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Saying it more than 3 times in an hour is obnoxious and not pleasing to the ear. I know they are good friends but at this point it's like Debbi Boone's You Light Up My Light every five minutes on the radio.

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I am not watching, but I do get tired of all of the host bashing.  If I am not mistaken, Jane and David are very good friends outside of work and he is the god father to at least one of the daughters.  Honey may be what she calls him outside of work.  None of us know.  So, in the spirit of the holiday season, maybe the host bashing can stop.  If you have a friendship like they have, then it is truly a time to be thankful for that.

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Let QVC get back to taking  calls from customers  and making customers the ceneter of attention rather than Hosts  constantly talking abt themselves ... instead of giving us needed facts abt products .

Am sure there are many  people alone at this Holiday that would love to talk to Jane and David

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Who  can abide Jane when she is  OFFICALLY the center of attention?  I can't watch under normal circumstances. 

@Kachina624  Amen and I agree!  I turn the channel as soon as I see she is hosting.  Total turn off.