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Watching Jill Martin show her packing pouches and she mentioned her boyfriend.   Is this someone new or is she back with the guy she was engaged to before?  Just curious

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Jill has a new boyfriend named Ryan Eggold, who is on New Amsterdam.  

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I love Ryan..........but with Jill?  No.

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Quite a bit of an age difference. He's 36, she's not! She's a COUGAR!

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Now that she has a boyfriend again no doubt she will be mentioning him many times over on every Q presentation she does. 


He's only 36? Good for her.

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@colover   good for Jill -  especially should the relationship last for years.  Neither of the couple is especially terribly young, so I think they know something of who they are as adults and IMO that's very important

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@colover wrote:

Quite a bit of an age difference. He's 36, she's not! She's a COUGAR!


@colover   LOL  My DH is about 8 yrs younger than me and we've been married 20 yrs... Smiley Very Happy

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Looks like a 9 year age difference! I am happy for her if she has found love again!

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Good for Jill, as long as they're happy.
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AGE is just a NUMBER, If it is meant to be it will no matter what the difference is.

Did hear her mention a few times lately  about a boyfriend knowing that she had broken up with someone else,.

Maybe the breakup was meant to be

Sometime when you least expect to find LOVE 💘 it  comes into your life.