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Oh how I wish the hosts could just be pleasant, conversational and give the necessary information and let the lighter moments evolve spontaneously. Watching the forced gaiety and banter, trying so desperately to show themselves as personal friends with the designer and/ or attempting to gain their approval is just cringeworthy to me.

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Exactly! It's like watching a poor comedy and all the "actors" are adlibbing.

I think the forced humor is such a turn off.
There's no need for any of this "acting". Isaac is fun, and when the funny stuff happens, that's a good thing.

I guess a host now has to be an actress also it seems!

That's how we roll in the shire..
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I don't care for either one, esp IM...they're so fake and phoney with each least that's the way it comes across on TV...she sucks up to him so much that it's nauseating...I switch channels fast.

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I understand that everyone has different likes and dislikes; here's mine... I just can't watch Shawn with Isaac (or any other designer). I really enjoy Isaac and his fashions, but Shawn takes over and tries to make it an entertaining hour "starring Shawn"! 

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Jacqui Stafford ' s shrill voice, fast talking, and cackling laugh is like nails on a chalkboard.
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I don't like to watch Isaac with any host.  I may be in the minority but I've never enjoyed watching him and don't like most of his clothes. I have a few of his sweaters from a few years ago that I still wear.  


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Isaac's collections are the best suited for me, and his are the most in my closet. Love fashion and want to see what they have always. Unfortunately, it just gets tiresome listening to them and their neglect of giving pertinent information in order to purchase. I like to shop the show, and all I see with SK and Isaac are boring, shameless self promotion to the neglect of the customer.