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I'm now watching a Temptations show and find that, Tara, is a very pushy and doesn't come up for air representative.  She didnt seem so harsh in the past.  Now she never stops talking and its loud and annoyingl  No need for the hard sell on QVC.  I had to change the channel.

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i am watching

i see no issues

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I don't like anything about Temptations or Tara so I haven't watched either for years.  You might want to do the same.

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I think that Rick is so animated and loud that it's hard to keep up with him.  Even with David she's not that fast and loud.  I like Temp-tations so I watched, but turned the sound down as they were too loud.  Come to think of it, I have a headache.  

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Tara, pushy?  No. No. Woman LOL

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@MarkeieMark    Tara did get and hold onto the Temptation franchise at QVC all these years by being a meek, shrinking violet.  I'd guess she's very aggressive.

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This was the same Tara I've been watching (and buying from) for the past 20 years.


Not sure what you are seeing,  as she appeared no different than usual.

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She has her moments.

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The few times I have watched Tara on David's show she has been ok to watch.  I don't like anything Temptations so I don't watch those segments very often.

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Between Temptations and Valerie Parr Hill and over on SHOPHQ, McKenzie Childs, I have cornball overload.




I'd go INSANE if I had all that chotchkee stuff surrounding me.....!!!



( Hot here yesterday and internet was out so I watched CIJ till I had cornball overload!!)