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Maybe Graver has rubbed off on her Smiley Tongue

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It was obvious to me what was going on.


It's called the "Rick effect." 


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The show was very fast moving, with lots of color choices with most items. They also presented a lot of products in that one hour show. Their Adrenalin was flowing knowing their time restraints for each product. I thought the show was fun and each product was presented very well!

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@Othereeeen ..............Excuse me please but what is chotchkee?

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@Elizabeth03 wrote:

I'm now watching a Temptations show and find that, Tara, is a very pushy and doesn't come up for air representative.  She didnt seem so harsh in the past.  Now she never stops talking and its loud and annoyingl  No need for the hard sell on QVC.  I had to change the channel.


@Elizabeth03: I think it's you! Smiley WinkSmiley Tongue  I've watched Tara for years and never got the impression she was pushy or a non-stop talker. She's done well for herself and IMO always seems very humble and grateful for all of the customer support she's gotten over the years. 

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I have one set of Temptations - a 9 X 13 pan that came with a ceramic lid, a plastic lid, and a wire rack.  The pan has crazed teribbly.  I don't use it very often, but I am afraid it will crack into pieces in my oven some day, like Temptations has done for others.  I am not much of a cook, but I only want good quality things in my kitchen, and Temptations does not fit that bill for me.

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LMAO...too funny. Yes Rick on overload all the time. I did stop watching Temptations sadly.  I love my FLORAL LACE BLACK...I have so much and have spent so much money on the pattern.  Sadly it does not hold up.  It cracks and pits over time. Will keep my serving bowls and stuff but no longer bake in them.