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Stacey was his on air side kick..... she was fired a couple of weeks ago.

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I think she only does Sundays. I thought Ally Carr ws going to take over, but I guess not. So far there is a thread in the Kitchen forum and people are NOT happy.

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WHO is this person?


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I can't believe they got rid of Stacy and kept Julia. She is awful!!!!

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@mjd1954 Kept Julia........who is she?   Never heard nor seen her before.  Awful appearance.

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Julia has been on QVC  for a while now.

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I don't think they know what to do with this Julia.  Her voice is unpleasant to me.  First they tried Ally Carr and now Julia.  I liked Mary when she first started with David but then when they made her a host it went to her head.  Now I can't watch her ... she talks too fast.   My vote goes to Stacey.  What a mistake they made.

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Ali Carr is too good to waste in a David's sidekick role IMO.

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Everyone's different in their preferences but I DO like Mary D. BUT yes there are times she does act a bit silly on her ITKWM Show.....I think she is the best sidekick with David....the two just seem to have great chemistry....BUT she's a good host in her own right especially with fashion kinda a waste as a sidekick......


..Stacey always seemed to act disinterested or bored with her job...Not really a fan of AC either when she hosts solo, she seems a bit fake...



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