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@SashaMatthews wrote:

David will always have my heart.  On a 50-in-50 local show in the mid 90s, he was the co-host.  As he chatted with the audience before the show, my mother called him over, he put his arm around her, and I took a picture of the two of them.  He was wonderful to everyone there, including my mother, who died the next year.  That picture of them is a treasure - he made her so happy.  Congratulations, ITKWD! 

@SashaMatthews What a nice post. Glad David brought joy to you both

during that show. Sorry about your Mom.

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I still remember that strange video Bob Bowersox did.  He looked like he had been captured by terrorists and was pleading for help.  It was really sad.


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Where can I find the thing about what "really" went on with him as 

one poster said...

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I feel the same way. Once they start over-saturating (he's got 4 shows weekly now?), I just review the Items Recently Aired. And i can't stand Fri-YAY....come on...we'renot in kindergarten...

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By the time he was shown the door, BB was bored and worse yet got caught calling his product sh#t on an open microphone when he thought they had gone to a promo. His goodbye video was a mess. I think David did a fantastic job stepping into the Sunday kitchen show and really made it fun and interesting after BB. The show lost interest for me when the processed food took over, and worse, a quarter to a third of the show is now devoted to the TSV which is often not kitchen related, I.e., mattresses and recliners. I may check in for a few minutes once a month, but so far nothing has tempted me to resume regular viewing. I don't even bother with a review of items on air. 

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I honestly can't think of an unkind thing to say about David V.
He showed what he was made of when he came in to host Jill's last night. It made me a bit envious of their friendship, TBH, and made me appreciate David that much more.

It's refreshing to see someone loving life, cherishing their family and friends, and having a genuine appreciation of all that is his.