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@SashaMatthews wrote:

David will always have my heart.  On a 50-in-50 local show in the mid 90s, he was the co-host.  As he chatted with the audience before the show, my mother called him over, he put his arm around her, and I took a picture of the two of them.  He was wonderful to everyone there, including my mother, who died the next year.  That picture of them is a treasure - he made her so happy.  Congratulations, ITKWD! 

@SashaMatthews What a nice post. Glad David brought joy to you both

during that show. Sorry about your Mom.

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I still remember that strange video Bob Bowersox did.  He looked like he had been captured by terrorists and was pleading for help.  It was really sad.


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Where can I find the thing about what "really" went on with him as 

one poster said...