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Alberti is Awesome!! I was excited to hear that he would be hosting ITKWD. Couldn’t have picked a better host for the show. I like David, but it’s refreshing to see and hear another host presenting. Maybe David can host a fashion show? I mean Alberti does it all, so why not one of the senior hosts on QVC. 🤗🤗🤗
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I too am enjoying Alberti's presentations for ITKWD show.  It's nice to see and hear a different style presentation for the items in the show, including his new inspired bowls.  The show is calm and interesting.  Switching up the hosts like this, might very well bring more revenue to QVC.

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I like Alberti. Not that I would ever watch a food/kitchen show.

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@89135 wrote:

All you have to do is CHANGE THE CHANNEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO FOR A WALK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe they can just vent on a discussion board. That’s what it’s here for.


Maybe you need that walk.

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Alberti has a great eye for design and decorating; he is doing a good job on his own in place of DV; today he is tolerable. I am not a fan of Alberti who acts childish, immature, foolishly giggling and gasping like an adolescent when he is working with several female hosts, KL, RB, JC and AS.

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I always enjoy the presentation style of the HANDSOME Mr. Alberti and think he did a great job, but I LOVE the familiar style of the lovable Mr. David after having watched him for MANY sunsets!🥰 He has changed over the years, as have I, but still owns an indelible place in my heart!❤


I MISS the familiarity of Sunday mornings with him❤, and look forward to his return!👍



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Those Temptations/Alberti bowls are spot clean. No, thanks. 

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I like Alberti, he adds fun. DV looks miserable lately, I don't think he likes his 'diet'.

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Sometimes watching David I know what he is going to say before he even says it!  Very repetitive and the constant color and quantity updates is too much!  Alberti did a great job and was enjoyable to watch.

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@manny2  I'm just so tired of people bashing the hosts and who's hosting what shows...Just don't watch in my opinion...We need sensible discussion on here...Mods need to remove more discussions ! Do your venting elsewhere.