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for the usual beautiful Christmas graphics and Christmas music to be played on QVC.  The only graphics I have seen thus far are dark and drab and not happy and festive, IMO.

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@just wonder    Its a little early yet for full-blown Christmas.  Maybe things will look better on or about Thanksgiving.

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Re: I'm still waiting

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I am a Christmas nut.  Love to think about how I'm going to decorate (using what I have because I have enough to decorate Nordstrom)  Watch a bit of Valerie for ideas.  No longer put up large tree since I live alone and can't handle it.  Enjoy Christmas music. Like the anticipation.


BUT nothing sees the light of day till after Thanksgiving.  



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@mspatmac I am unabashedly a Christmas cheerleader also!! It is absolutely my favorite holiday. 😁🎄 People are kinder. The malls are so beautifully decorated and playing Christmas carols. I decorate to the point of merry exhaustion and would not have it any other way.😊



Families coming together as we celebrate the REASON for the SEASON is what I enjoy most of all.🙏🥰



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David mentioned they have made a play which will be featured on Christmas Day (when QVC is closed). He said he has a small part and hopes customers will watch it during the day. He had a fun time particiating in the program and wishes everyone enjoys their merriment this year.


Sounds like it's different from the carols and usual holiday features of many, many years.  Should be a nice change of pace and interesting to watch!

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Please no, maybe after Thanksgiving, we have been subjected to Christmas since the end of June.  For us grinch's thats enough!

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It is only November 11th.  One holiday at a time.  I know I sound like a grinch, and I'm not, but Christmas for me is not a 2 MONTH holiday.  I am so sick of it by the time it actually gets here and then I'm thrilled to see it over.  I hate that I feel like that, but it's just too much.

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We had our Thanksgiving early due to everyone's schedules, so I think it's time for Christmas already......NOT!  I have to stop and's not December yet, so chill out for a few more weeks Smiley Happy!!

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It's way too early right now.  Let's get to Thanksgiving first please.

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Aren't those graphics horrible for Christmas?  So are their sets.  Could be there are Millennial graphic and set designers who are members of the War on Christmas army .  


Yes, Christmas is cheery and festive.  I don't want to be around anything that puts a damper on the holidays.