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Is anyone else feeling that Thanksgiving has somehow been wiped off the calendar?  The Q has Christmas trees everywhere and all the TV stations are showing Christmas ads (cars esp.) and Andy Williams singing "i's a most wonderful time of the year.  I'm feeing like I lost a month somewhere - I still have my pumpkin outside and fall decorations up inside the house but everytime I turn the TV on I think I should be putting up my tree!  

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I guess the thing is, you should already have everything you could possibly need for Thanksgiving!!!   LOL     I think Christmas is a much bigger money maker than the fall holidays. That's why they feel the need to start early.    Enjoy your fall decor.  I leave mine up too until after Thanksgiving, then out comes the Christmas stuff.   Smiley Happy

We just keep rolling along......

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As a "holiday", yes.  It's just another day.


All my family wants to do is eat, then shop.  I think most of the stores around me open at 9pm.   I can empathize with the employees, I've worked retail in the past and the holidays are brutal.   


Which is right up my alley, but it's not how I was raised.   We all work tough jobs now and we love the day off but it's a good time to connect, then get some Christmas shopping done.


I'm off on that Friday after, but everyone else has to work.


I was in the marching band in high school, Thanksgiving morning we played our annual rivalry game.    My dad would go but mom would stay home & prepare the meal, she loved doing it.    Home by noon then friends & family over in the early evening for the traditional dinner.   My mom didn't work.



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@OutofMadisonI try not to let what the stores/websites are pushing determine what I  do or think. 


Overall, I think the most meaningful holiday experiences have more to do with the traditions of individual families than with what the various retailers try to make us think we have to do. 



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I don't mind the "early Christmas" stuff...I keep my fall/Thanksgiving decor up until after Thanksgiving...I watch the QVC Christmas vendors, to get ideas for seasonal decor...and later, gifts, etc. 

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I won't allow that to happen here.  There's too much good food involved.  I see it as opening the door to Christmas (for us).

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Thanksgiving isn't a gift-giving holiday so it's useless to retailers and marketers. 

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I feel out of sorts holiday-wise in general because DH and I are in FL for two week vacation. Came on Oct 29 and Christmas decorations were up and music playing in malls and it was sunny and temps were in the mid 80’s.  It is hot but beautiful down here but being from Northeast just has me bewildered (but in a good way!).  Temps at home are in 30’s-40’s and that’s true Thanksgiving weather to me. We love it here — just can’t get into the holiday spirit in this kind of weather!

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I wish Thanksgiving was wiped off the calendar....just too much work for a Thursday dinner.....jmo....

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Personally, I have never cared for Thanksgiving anyway. QVC is doing plenty of Gourmet Holiday shows, which can be for Thanksgiving though. I don't care for most of the foods people seem to like for Thanksgiving. What I do like about Thanksgiving is going out shopping. The holiday that I like most is Christmas. I enjoy all the music and decorations, so I might even start getting mine out this week.