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the dumbest thing I've seen on QVC.they look riduclous.  Wat happend to the Q

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This show should have been aired around Halloween!!

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bad wig, bad clothes, an all around fail....guess I'm changin the channel


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Not crazy about the wigs but I have to admit I was impressed by the way the Product Rep pinned her own hair - which is pretty long - up so she could sport one of the bob wigs.

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I'm not into wigs, but I do think Jane looked pretty good in the Bob.  Personally, I think she looked somewhat younger.

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There is nothing "dumb" about offering a product that perhaps many could use...


Perhaps you have the perfect hair that always looks good...there are others who have suffered hair loss due to health reasons and this is God sent to them...


Try to be a little kinder.....

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I like the other vendor's wigs on QVC better.....these look like a wig IMO.

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Everyone should have an "emergency" wig to throw on when needed. Just not one that looks like these. Jacque Gonzales looks fantastic in every wig I've ever seen her in. 

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Jacque G might look adorable even sporting a buzz cut.

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I agree with Circles.  They are many people who suffer from hair issues......loss of hair, thinning of hair.  I'll take a stab here and say that QVC would not offer these wigs if they didn't sell!  Be thankful you don't NEED one.