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Since the hosts are not allowed to eat the prepared food on display during the shows due to Covid, I'm curious as to what QVC is doing with the food after the show?  I am so hoping it doesn't end up in the trash.  If the hosts and crew can't eat it, can it at least be donated to a hunger center (doubtful though with Covid restrictions).  If it ends up in the trash, not sure why would they prepare so much of each product.  

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Back with their overpriced food.  Interesting that every other person who has an item has been a chef or a restauranteur.  What in their own kitchen?  Jane is typically trying to act hip again.  Watched two minutes turned the channel.  So fake.


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Why doesn't Jane just put those pretzels under her shoe and smash them?  I do not understand why they have to squeeze the food to death.  Gross!

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Agreef!!  Glad my remote works while she is on taking over a show

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Alberti and Jane...together???  Oh my!!!