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Could the Going-Going-Gone pop-ups please go already?!  So freaking annoying and not even remotely convincing that the item is about to sell out.

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Just hit escape.  Not so annoying if you ignore it and if you don't believe it, that should be easy.

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I agree that they are annoying. The last one that I got read that "6 people have put this in their cart today."  Really, a whole 6 people! 


I just got a "You left this behind" email from QVC.  Well I bought it two days ago.  Guess the departments are not talking to each other.

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I rarely order from the Q, I did take advantage of the Tweak'd TSV and ordered early.  Got that stupid message.  I guess the Q thinks we're really stupid.

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That pops up whenever I look at an item on the website. Just a selling pressure tactic.  Doesn't work for me.

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If it bothers you that much, don't shop online.


All vendors use various types of pop-ups.  It IS part of shopping on line these days.


Otherwise, get a Pop-up blocker on your computer.  Many are free!


However, do NOT expect QVC to stop their marketing practices just because it is annoying you.


Relax and just click it away...takes a whole nano-second.