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On 3/20/2015 Krimpette said:

She's so much more low-key than some of the other hosts. Not sure why they don't feature her more. A lovely lady.

I think that might be her choice. She has two precious little ones and I get the feeling that they are her priority right now.

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Yes, I think her children are her priorities right now, and she is a terrific host.

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I agree, she is very good. They should use her more on the fashion shows. It probably is by choice that she is on mainly late at night. She has the most adorable kids:-) and they are really young.

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Gabrielle is one of my favorite hosts. Very eloquent and professional.

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On 3/20/2015 K9buddy said: Just happened to flip the channels and came across Gabrielle presenting the Isaac tsv. Wow. She is a real hidden gem! Articulate, professional, stylish, no laughing or cackling, gave pertinent information. I rarely watch QVC, especially because of the many annoying hosts, and I've not seen her before, but I was really impressed with her presentations.

SOOOOOOO agree with you K9. She was hired the exact same time as Sandra they fast tracked Sandra and put Garbrielle on graveyard shift.

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She is fabulous!! She is interesting to listen to and has a very engaging manner of speech. I also appreciate how she presents items so thoroughly, is respectful of the vendor, and is never pushy. She is a perfect host.

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She looks fabulous in that outfit. The dress, necklace and those shoes! My 2 favorite color combinations: navy & green.

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It is easy to watch and listen to Gabrielle. She always dresses well, is calm, never silly, and seems to know the product she is selling.
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On 3/20/2015 patnap said:

Gabrielle is one of my favorite hosts. Very eloquent and professional.

I totally agree. Light years better than several of the other hosts.

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I agree! I love Gabriel! She is the real deal. She's not a ""bragger""....she could be...with all the luxury she has. Never brags about her GREAT husband and cute kids....Gabriel is a Classy Lady!