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I’m assuming they meant red haired lady which would be Julia.
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Probably a reference to Katrina Szish who sits in a Red Chair during her fabulously entertaining Szish List show.
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This is so sad.



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G that's sad to hear, wouldn't be hurt if Shawn  left,  I think Antonella was really good until she got hooked up with her and that evening show

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I wonder if they were let go or they quit.  I would like to see other ones go than those three.  I would name names, but would probably get poofed.

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@lmtep wrote:

Neither of them are my favs.  Maybe they left for better opportunities.  Or, maybe they were let go.


I think the whole story will come out, eventually. For now, we don't really know what's going on.

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@NicksmomESQ wrote:

I don't understand why they hired so many people in the first place. I'm sorry to see anyone lose their job especially in this economy.

No new programs on Q2 probably factored into their decision @NicksmomESQ  but I wish so many hosts didn't have to be let go today. Two of the five were favorites of mine.

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I willnot miss Gabrielle or Stacy but I will miss Antonella.

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@PugdogMom wrote:

I believe Kristine Zell and Courtney Webb are now gone, too.

Courtney is still there as is Elise Ivy


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Antonella Nestor was also let go as well.  She posted that.