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@blackhole99 wrote:

I have always liked Gabrielle Kerr as a host and think she has been over looked by the Q because of her Minnie Mouse voice. I can only take that voice so long and I have to mute her, but I don't change the channel. I can't imagine that every host whether they have small kids or not, does not want to be the top host at the Q. AS is a prime example, same with SK, I don't see their kids holding them back.

@blackhole99, Shawn's daughter is still very young and Shawn works evening hours.  I would guess by the time Shawn has to be at QVC for her shows, her daughter's day is winding down.  Notice Shawn doesn't work on Saturdays anymore and I don't remember the last time she worked on a Sunday.  Shawn said she doesn't work weekends anymore because she wants to be home with Jagger.