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I don,t think they ever charged for exchanges, they are now advertising it because of the shipping charge compliments.  Always In the past, you could e change and no shipping charge, just the original.

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I am sorry but we did charge for the return label fee for exchanges. This changed August 1st.

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Thank you for the info.  I would return product and reorder, because it took two weeks to receive return and item could be sold out by then.  Also then took two more weeks to get.  The Q is finally doing something free for their customers.  

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This exchange policy is LONG overdue.  You will likely triple your business from customers like me who in over 15 years only ordered two clothing items only to find the fit poor.  One, a pair of shoes in my regular size 8, too big so I threw away $10 on shipping and return fees.  Because the second item, a pair of jeans, was a $20 item, I did not want to eat a 6.95 return fee so kept them vowing never to buy clothes on QVC again.  Same with jewelry, particularly rings.  I've found ring fit, expecially when only whole sizesare available, to vary widely so again lost business for QVC.  Better to absorb return costs in your item pricing then to lose customers. Even Amazon offers free shipping AND returns on many of its clothing and shoes items!  Thankyou and welcome QVC to the 21st century of online retail policy!

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I have tested out the new exchange policy.  I purchased the Barbara Bixby TSV key enhancer in Citrine.  The safety catch was defective.  I returned and received a new one that was perfect.  Besides including the appropriately filled out QVC return form,  I also taped a post it note on the box saying that it was an exchange so they would not just credit me and not send me a replacement.  It worked beautifully.  It took about ten to twelve business days for the new one to arrive.  There were no additional charges at all.


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How is this any different than the way it worked before? I don't want to pay shipping charges 4 ways if I have to exchange something for a different size or color - but it sounds like this is still how it works. What is the difference?