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I just noticed many things on my "advanced order" have increased by $3-5 (guess that covers the "free shipping" incentive")


so thank you @Foxxee for pointing this out BEFORE I cancelled and reordered with free shipping -- which really was .10 savings ...hmmm


Same with some of my wish list items...guess it depends on the popularity of what one is ordering.


Thank you!

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@deeva wrote:

I'm so glad I waitied. I was going to order sheets yesterday, but I didn't want to pay the $7.50 s&h.

@deeva    Thank you for the post... I have had a king blanket in mind for a few weeks.  I didn't want to pay the $7.50 shipping either.  Now on sale and free shipping.  I ordered it immediately.  

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Two of my advance Christmas items have also increased in price.  Before tax and shipping---

Christmas in July


$26.24  today  $31.75

$41.95  today  $68.25


You have to be wary of free shipping on some items.




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Are you being charged the new price for these items you have on advance order?
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@Pecky wrote:

Plus 8% cash back at Rakuten!!

So I have an item I had on check, I'd like to buy today with Free do I use Rakuten?  I went into it and realized I had apparently signed up at one point (my email was already in there) but have never used it. How do I apply 8% back to the order I have  on check today?

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You are exactly correct ref prices.  This has NOT always been this way, at least with as many products.  I looked at my Wish List when I saw free shipping and almost EVERY item has increased to a price that the cost is the same, down to the penny including exact tax without shipping as it was prior when paying to ship.  I have one item in my wish list that has not been on air in over a year I am just waiting for the right color.  Really perturbed due to the fact I have ordered it 3 times, the last time getting a email something I like or really love is back in stock and ordering the time ony 90 days later getting a letter that it was not in stock and canceled.  That has happened with two items in the past 4 months that was ordered when in stock.  Anyway this non aired item had non holiday item had also increased to the exact amount wo shipping as cost with shipping.  I also noticed a couple of items I could not remember exactly the item demo videos are removed at this time.  Therefore not to show the prior price.  There is one clearance time that has not increased in price.  I do not like nor do I appreciate games like this and tactics like this to entice consumers to make purchases or additional purchases that may not be aware, have time or think to check and think they are truly getting a deal as offered and advertised when there is no difference.  Honestly goes a long way, leave it as is and pay for shipping rather being shaddy about it.  

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thanks for this! I just ordered

Set of 3 Illuminated Mercury Glass Mini Cakes by Valerie


I haven't had a birthday cake since I lived at home.  Now I will LOL

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I ordered my first set of Muk Luks.



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@Foxxee   I got home late this afternoon.  All the items I was waiting for free shipping, (except for one) were gone.  The one that was left, I am surprised did not go up in price.  Guess I really didn’t need them.  Curious if they appear in stock after 3pm tomorrow.   I will check tonight or tomorrow morning, sometimes they do come back. 

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If you have an account, go there, search for QVC, click on the link that will take you to QVC.  Then shop.  QVC will send a notice to Rakuten that you purchased an item.  Rakuten will notify you when they receive the message from QVC.