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I am shocked at how expensive fashion apparrel has become on the Q! Susan Graver, Logo, even Denin & CO!  I can't afford sixty-some dollars for a top or a pair of capris!  I have to wait for specials or clearance items since I retired! :- {

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I agree.....when something comes on that I like, I check to see if there is an as is item available.  I can't afford the Q anymore and I'm still working.  Just because they are near NYC doesn't mean everyone can afford NYC prices.

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outa sight!!

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 I totally agree!! It’s cheaper to shop brick & mortar.Also various online shopping cites offer coupons & free shipping & returns!!

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I agree. I couldn't believe the shoe prices either. $90-$110 use to be Q's expensive lines now it seems to be the average pricing. Crazy! 

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My post was probably lost so here goes again.  I buy Clearance and AS IS from the Q if I really like something.  Otherwise I go to Walmart or Costco and of course Zulily or Blair (online).

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I think that's why they push easy pay .

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I agree........things are out of control.  There are exceptions, one must shop cautiously. Recently I ordered Joan-Rivers-Regular-Signature-Ankle-Pants and I was delightfully surprised.  They are made with such quality, fabric, stitching, seams etc.  I purchased the regular length because I wanted to wear them a little longer (than ankle).  I'm 5'3" I purchased the white in small (I weigh 130), and the fit is perfect.  $44+, 4 payments.....resonably priced, highly recommend.  David is doing a wonderful job representing the Joan Rivers line.  I  have a closet full of QVC clothing......mostly SG tops (not crazy about her bottoms) and Lisa Rinna, (not crazy about her tops).  Lately, I too am disappointed, prices are climbing.  I don't buy any LOGO.....just my preference, reminds me of maternity tops.  I also purchased a plain black v-neck tee, H by Halston, shorter in front, longer in back, satin/ribbon around neckline.  Again, quality fabric, stitching, seams, etc.  It was on clearance so I was happy.  I'm thinking best time to purchase is when 'one time only', TSV, or clearance items are on.   One thing that just appears too blatant is when I see Martha Stewart selling a snowblower one minute and then a pair of slacks or cardigan the next, so OVER-done ......omg, that's enough.....I'm changing the channel.  

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I don't care much for the shoes QVC sells ... so the price is immaterial to me.  I'm not into designer bags.  


I've cut way back on clohes from QVC.   My basic "look" is dress (usually black) pants and top (depends on season).  So - most of my clothes budget goes into jackets, sweaters and other accessories.   Jazzy jacket or scarf ... no one notices what else I'm wearing.

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At this point, until I lose more weight, clothes are a Want and not a Need. I am spending a lot less on clothes across the board. I will continue to buy Linea clothes and jewelry and little else from QVC.

Even the LTS, which I check out daily, are no bargain anymore!

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