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They try. Oh, how they try. A couple of weeks ago I got a robo call, which I didn't answer (I never answer the phone if I don't recognize the number.) Anyway, this place left a message claiming to be from Apple and that my iTunes password was compromised. There were 3 options in the message: Press 1 to speak to someone, Press 2 for more information, and Press 3 to call back at a later time. Option 3 rattled off two numbers very quickly and neither one was even close to the number that appeared on my Calller ID. There was a darn good reason for that: they spoofed Apple's actual customer service number! What nerve! I called Apple and told them about this; the rep told me that they NEVER call you when there is a problem: they contact you by text or email. She said they would look into this as they had received several calls about this. Those crooks never give up and what's sad is that there are still people who fall for these schemes.