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Re: Exchanging an item ...

I just returned a jewelry item for exchange for a larger size.  Since all jewelry comes USPS, of course when I checked the tracking return status it hasn't moved.


If this were HSN, they would have already sent me a replacement ... but not the case here.   I'm against making another charge, so I'll just wait it out ... if it sells out ... well, so be it.


I think the day is not too far off when HSN will stop doing their immediate shipping on an exchange ... pity.

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Re: Exchanging an item ...

Yes, no invitory remaining. We should be able to call customer service and let them knowing we are exchanging to get out exchange started. Amazon does that. If you don’t return by a month you get charged for both plus 2 shipping fees.

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Re: Exchanging an item ...

Update on my exchange: today 8/27 recd email the item no longer available and are processing a refund. 

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Re: Exchanging an item ...

I had that happen to me. It used to be that you would receive an email asking if you wanted another color or the same color whatever was in the revised size but that's gone. I happen to order a TSV so it was also the price point that I wanted.  It succeeded in making me think twice about a clothing item.  

I'm also not crazy about how they are listing the items on my charge statement. It is so difficult to follow the easy pays. I've called CS and they seem to point the finger at the CC company. I called the CC company and they point the finger back at QVC. That stuff drives me nuts. So  I have limited what I purchase so the problem will resolve itself.