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Re: Elemis Vendor

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@Etoile308  One of the above posters remarked about the original post and asked what she was wearing. That's the reason. I see another poster mentioned she was also wearing pajamas. 

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Re: Elemis Vendor

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@Johnnyeager wrote:

I assumed she actually did just roll out of bed.



I didn't see anyone that looked like they just rolled out of bed, nor did the vendors dress, bother me. 

Of course, if I watch, it's because I really am interested, in the product.  

I thought, all three of them did a good job, with product information. I'm on the fence about trying it, probably take another look, before I decide!

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The dress was quite lovely but when she leaned forward R boob just about fell out! So due to boredom, I continued to see what happened next. Someone telling her to fix the strap or an actual ****** slip. Great wine drinking activity while bundled up in -8 weather!!
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@LuvmyLab, I'm sorry I should have been more specific. My comment wasn't directed towards you, but rather to the OP who always seems to start the day with a less than favorable comment about a product, host, or vendor. 

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Looked like a prom dress and it was ill-fitting and too revealing for a shopping ... that's my opinion.

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@Etoile308  I wasn't taking your comment as directed towards me I was just answering the question. All good!

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Re: Elemis Vendor

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I watched the elemis live online this morning and noticed that same infamous dress vender was in a very covered up dress this morning.


No matter what any of us thought of the appropriateness or not of her former revealing dress, someone must have told her to change it.

It was so distracting to the product, it just was ridiculous.


With the video of the before and after screen, (which was kind of gross) it just didn't seem that noticeable of a change especially for $89! for a small jar. Has anyone actually used this and found results that are worth that much? 


And as for complaining about things the op sees, that's ok with me. 

I mean if that relieves stress from real life, its ok, and if any are still watching QVC, they have a perfect right to comment, good or bad.

And QVC should welcome and pay attention to viewers comments if they want to keep selling. 

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Does anyone know which video has the dress?

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Looks like they took all the videos of that presentation. No matter which show you select they are showing Sean’s show with Leah and the vendor is in a black dress that comes up all the way to her chin