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Is anyone else having a problem getting their refund from Tri-Star? We must have called 5 different numbers just trying to talk to a person and not a machine. Very frustrating. They said a refund went somewhere but not my Q account or my credit card. Wonder where it went? Waiting for a call from them again. GRRR

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Re: Dura-flame Heater Recall

Recall or rebate? I purchased 3 Duraflame heaters from QVC last year. Are they recalled? Please let us know. If they aren't safe, I will take them out of my house.

I know one for sure, they use a lot of electricity.


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Re: Dura-flame Heater Recall

Which one was recalled? I have two and would like to know.

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Re: Dura-flame Heater Recall

I'm sorry you're going through this - it sounds frustrating! Was this for the personal cube heater that was recalled earlier this year? I was lucky and didn't have any issue getting my refund; within two weeks after I returned the recall kit (the paperwork and the cord), I received a credit from QVC on my AMEX card, just as if I had returned the item. Good luck - I hope this gets resolved for you soon!

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Re: Dura-flame Heater Recall

Duraflame recall,

I have not received any news on the recall. I sent in all the pertinent information, and the cord. So far, no news back from Duraflame recall. I, too, am waiting. I really don't know what else to do? I feel your pain.