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Re: Do you use auto delivery?

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I never use auto delivery or easy pay.  I am always offered auto delivery on Amazon and Chewy, but have never used them.  I've been tempted on my dog and cat food but am just never positive about the dates.  I don't want to end up with too much.



With 4 cats, too much is NOT an issue.  

Hungry Kiitties are craetive!


What brand do you use, if you don’t mind sharing?



@Drythe   What brand of cat food?  Henry eats Nutro Wild Frontier Open Valley dry cat food.  He was very picky as a kitten.  I tried several foods before finding one that he liked (Evo).  That brand was discontinued, and I tried the Nutro, and he likes it just as well.

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Re: Do you use auto delivery?

I have used auto-delivery several times and It was a good experience. It has been kind to me on several occasions.Try it at least once if you don't like it you can always cancel. I have in the past on several items. With no problems.

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Re: Do you use auto delivery?

I finally got wise on the auto delivery game. Plus, those deals aren't always the best value when it's sold in a big grouping to justify the price.  Buying individual products always works out best in the long run.  I don't think I've ever gotten to the end of any auto delivery before cancelling. 

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Re: Do you use auto delivery?

I have the 500 load bucket of Nellies laundry soap on AD from HSN-- and then I use AMZ subscribe and save monthly too.

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Re: Do you use auto delivery?

Evine: Isomers facial cleanser on AD. I space it out so it only comes when I need it.


Target: vitamins and allergy meds. I have it set up to come just as I am running out of my current products.


QVC: Enstroms toffee. I love these and have one AD delivery left. I can't wait for them to offer again as this is the only food item I buy from QVC.

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Re: Do you use auto delivery?

I do use auto delivery and in the past, they used to email me to remind me an AD order was going to ship soon.  As of recently, they stopped doing this (like HSN also never sends you a reminder) and now I just see that an order was placed and I'm like, what oerder???.  If you are listening Q people, I DO NOT LIKE THIS!  I am busy and need reminders. If you used to be able to do it, you can reinstate it. Seems like shadiness, getting people charged for things they may not need at the moment, and we all know how tiny the cancellation window has become so it's double whammy.  Perhaps this is my incentive to cancel all my AD orders and get on with my life.  I like using AD when I have gotten a particularly good discount on something and want to "lock in" that price, but if it's going to a hassle then why bother.  I do have an insane stockpile of beauty products but not because of AD.  I get nervous of running out of certaiin staples so I always have backup on hand for the basics.  For example I use these Dr. Nassif peel pads from HSN.  You can buy one for $45 or when they have a sale, you can get 2 for $45.  So whenever there is the sale, I stock up.  They have a long shelf life.  And I do the same with Korres shower gel, which I currently possess about 65 gallons as a result of this practice, LOL.

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Re: Do you use auto delivery?

One product Dr Dennis Gross.

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Re: Do you use auto delivery?

I do for cosmetics and like many people accumulate too much product. I usually end up giving it away as gifts. I always order too much WEN, my son comes to visit and goes home with his WEN order. LOL

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Re: Do you use auto delivery?

I have used auto delivery in the past, but have cancelled all of them.  Too many came which left me with a stockpile.  I realize it was my fault, I could have delayed shipments. Now, I realize auto delivery is not for me!