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Being disabled myself with MS. and using a cane it's nice to see QVC recognizing people like me! They are the only shopping channel that does as far as I know.
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Yes, and I saw that J. C. Penney listed Adaptive clothing on their website, first retailer that I've seen do so, awhile back.

About time, and good for them!


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I love it and so appreciate QVC using physically challenged models.

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I also like the blouses that Isaac makes that have magnetic buttons.  That also helps people who have arthritis and have difficulty in buttoning their blouses.

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Yes, I think it is wonderful.  I also saw an older woman modeling who is new.  I applaud QVC .

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The world and clientele is made up of all varieties of people.

Needs and wants can be very different for each of us.


I think it's taken a long time for retailers to realize this, and it's

Taken too long.