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Does anybody know if Dillards is having their annual sale?  I just loved all the mark downs!  Last year they didn't have it on New Years Day.



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Re: Dillards New Years Day Sale

I just looked at their page and yes, it seems as though they are having a sale with new markdowns.


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Re: Dillards New Years Day Sale

From Dillard's facebook:


Dillard's has thousands of newly reduced prices and incredible deals to shop, but we will not be having an additional discount on permanently reduced merchandise on New Years Day 2023.



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Re: Dillards New Years Day Sale

@Pasta Lover   I was in Dillards the other day and my store is really picked over.


I overheard a conversation about a month ago between a clerk and a customer regarding the usual big New Year Day's saving, and the clerk said they weren't doing it any longer.


It used to be long lines outside the store to get in when they opened, and I got some really good deals, but I think the stores aren't overbuying so much anymore to reduce the amount of items that have to be discounted after the holidays. 

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Re: Dillards New Years Day Sale

I got an email from Dillard's this morning. It says 75% off and hundreds of markdowns. 
A lot of the merchandise is available in stores only.