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I spoke with Kellie about a food product I received - 8Greens Gummies.   The seal was punctured.   She immediately issued me a refund.   I was going to return it, marked damaged, but decided to call first.  I know most food items cannot be returned, but this product was a little different.   Also, I was charged return shipping on a product that I sent for an exchange.   It was still in stock.   The warehouse messed up.  She suggested when exchaning products, call CS first so it's on my record.   Kellie was so pleasant to deal with, taking care of my issues and offering suggestions for future purchases. Thank you Kellie.  I appreciate all QVC CS reps when I call.    

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It is nice to read pleasant and positive comments regarding CS.  Too many times we read the total opposite.  In my many years as a customer of both QVC and HSN, I can honestly say I have always been treated politely and my issue was always resolved.  I know CS is not always the most appreciated job and many customers can be, shall we say, not very pleasant.  Thanks for sharing your experience.

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If ever I've had a problem with my order, I use live chat. The live chat reps have all been professional and very helpful, most of the times I contacted them was to get a price adjustment.

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It's nice of you to recognize good service.  Generally speaking, good service is rare these days.  I feel like we help the situation by letting companies know which of their reps are particularly good.

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I have been a QVC customer for decades and customer service is great.  I can only think of one time in 30 years when I got ticked off.  Phone, email, chat were all good experiences.