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I recently purchased a DB Jacket, it's still in process, since 7/29.  I put it on wish list a few weeks ago, it was blowout clearance, no exchange or return, and I just wasn't sure.  Then couple weeks later it was back up to full price of $169.05.  How does blowout clearance go back to full price?  I left it alone and watched it.  Couple weeks went by and it was back to blowout clearance  for $50.80 so I purchased it, I know my DB size and could use a fall jacket.  Well, now it's on clearance for $104.95.  WTH QVC?!?  You really do have to watch prices.  No way I would have paid $169 and I'm not sure I would pay $104 either, but based on the video and materials it's made from, $50 is a good price. I guess I will find out if it ever ships.  But not that it's just clearance and not blowout, I wonder if I can return if I am not satisfied.  

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@kmd3758   Makes no sense to me either.  I mentioned on another thread that several items in my HSN "favorites" list have gone way up in price after being on "clearance."  Who makes these decisions??

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That was good observation on your part.  I've only noticed a TSV that later goes on sale, not the see-saw pricing you are talking about.


Sort of reminds me of the big "Going Out of Business" banners I've seen up for months on end and then they never do.  Maybe QVC is experimenting with what price point gets the most attention?


I have a DB lightweight raincoat I've enjoyed.  Hope you like your new coat!

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I love some of DB's stuff. He was on this morning after the Clarks TSV hour, but I didn't stay up to watch.  Looked like he had a nice leather moto jacket.  I have a couple of his outerwear pieces and love them.  The raincoat gets the most use and it still looks brand new many years later.  Hope your jacket ships.

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Re: Dennis Basso Jacket

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Pricing games.  It happens a lot in retail and unfortunately, unless one is a savvy shopper like @kmd3758  and watches prices carefully, the consumer doesn't know what is the regular price compared to the sale prices of an item.  In other words, the retailer can get away with charging whatever they want for something.  That is definitely the case with brands the retailer owns or has exclusivity of (such as Basso's line for QVC).  The only exception is the national brands that have a suggested MSRP on the label or box. The retailer can only go lower with those, they can't go up, so the consumer knows the maximum price the item can be.  

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Constant Yo Yo pricing

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You are exactly right with the price fluctuations! I also purchased the Dennis Basso jacket you referred to at the $50 price. I liked it so much I was going to purchase another but the price shot up so I didn't.


Now, I keep items I'm interested in, in my "Wish List" and check every day to see if the price has gone down.


ShopHQ does the "price shuffle" all the time. Too bad QVC took a page from their book. 

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I haven't seen any site do more price fluctuations than Amazon.  

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B & M stores DON'T do yo yo pricing like QVC does. That's where I shop. I find BETTER prices and BETTER quality clothing than what QVC offers. The clothing lines on QVC are either FRUMPY, MATRONLY (D&C, Susan Graver, etc.) or RIDICULOUSY OVERPRICED. I ALWAYS get free shipping when I order on line from B & M stores.

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 I bought a  leather jacket from him in the past, great quality.