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Today UPs delivered 2 items at 1pm.: 1) a Blush Roma 2 ordered on 6/23 and shipped on 6/27 for a cost of $11.44. 2) a Mendota dog leash ordered from Amazon yesterday at 5 pm for a shipping cost of $0. I could have upgraded to next day shipping on Amazon, where I have prime, which includes free 2 day shipping for any item, for a cost of $3.99. I still got it in less than a day. I checked on the Q to see what it would cost for next day delivery if I ordered a Roma 2 today. There is no next day delivery. The fastest delivery would arrive on 7/7 at a cost of $33.37. I understand that there is a holiday on Friday and a weekend. But If I ordered on Amazon today, I would,get an item tomorrow for 1/10th the cost. Just sayin'...
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That's why I rarely shop at the Q. It takes forever to get an item and costs way too much to ship. Love Amazon.

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So true!
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I am among the many who do not understand QVC's shipping methods. I ordered some medical supplies from a supplier at 10:00pm on a Sunday night. The supplies were shipped free - since my order was more than $50 - and they arrived at noon on Tuesday via UPS. I live in Michigan and the supplier is in Ohio. I have had next day shipping from Amazon without paying extra. How can these companies, and others, do this and somehow QVC can't figure it out? They need a better warehouse manager and/or shipping manager. Get with it.

I rarely watch or order any more. I can usually find what I want cheaper and with better shipping somewhere else.

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I just ordered several things from the Q & I'm paying a hefty price for s&h. I could not find some of the stuff elsewhere or at the price, but still I probably could handle the costs but I really hate how long it takes for them to ship!! QVC has got to have the SLOWEST shipping in the world! You would think they could do a lot better! Heck hire a few more people for your warehouses! Give some people jobs & make your customers happy! I don't order from them unless I cant find it somewhere else so I have drastically cut back on ordering here just because of shipping costs & SLOW shipping!

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okay....I usually complain how long it takes to get "stuff" from the Q.....but I have to give props to them today...

I ordered some pedal pushers on the 6th of July....6 pair....and they arrived on the 8th...

I, also, ordered some tops on the 6th of July...6 of them...and they all arrived on the 9th...

Now I call that fast service....

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I'm pretty sure it depends on the warehouse it's coming from. Some come directly from the manufacturer and others from different Q warehouses.

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I ordered a cat and dog hanging mobile June 26 and still haven't received them. They were in process until July 2 when I called and asked about them. There is no tracking information. I have called several times about them and finally today they were received by the post office. Look at how long they have had my money and all they say is we're sorry. They should give a discount on shipping on my next order. Fat chance!
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Depends on what you buy and where it comes from. I've easily waited longer for Amazon to ship than Q. I reordered some Tovolo popsicle molds awhile back, I knew they were made in China just didn't realize they also were shipping from there. The last ones I ordered were here in a week. I'm still waiting on this order.

I do actually hate the long processing for either. You also pay $100 a year for prime.

I notice you have a couple 'digs' here, I'm assuming it's because of "the letter"?

As much money as you claimed to spend here, I would think you would have figured it out sooner. I buy a lot here, but I do pick and choose.

*Off The Deep End~A very short trip for some!*
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I guess I am in the minority here but I usually get items pretty quickly from the Q. Example: today I placed an order for three items (so of course they will all ship separately ) and they are estimated to be delivered Wednesday of next week. That's pretty good. I will however have to say that their policy of charging per item and the amount they charge is ridiculous.