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Yes, Cary (vendor) you should have sized UP.

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I don’t think that they look at themselves in a mirror before they come on air 😳😳😳

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I agree. The medium looked perfect on Shawn and I think Cary would have had a better fit in a size up too.  Very cute romper. 

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Reminds me of my high school gym uniform..........hated that thing.

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Too short for me. 

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I thought this was cute.  It's nice to see something offered that doesn't come to the kneecaps because not everyone needs to cover up everything.  While this isn't something I would wear, it was more fashionable that a lot I've seen on Q.


I do agree Cary needed to size up. That was not a good look in a certain area at all.   

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who would buy this product based on that demo? looked terrible on everybody

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This was my first thought as soon as I saw Cary.  I thought Shawn looked good because she was wearing it loose.  Also, the model was wearing it loose, too.  Or should I say, wearing the right size.

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I loved the pattern on Shawn but hers sold out so fast. Poor Cary. She seems like a lovely friendly person. I snagged two of the CD wild palm maxi dresses after seeing how they fit on her and love them. But I am getting tired of the silly CD sets with the giraffes, bananas, etc. I took a chance on the Micaela jogger set, the one that was the daily deal, and wow! it felt like actual adult grown-up pajamas. I’m done with the cutesy prints.