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Last night's show with Courtney and Valerie was so enjoyable. Courtney looked so pretty with her dark skirt and hose. Valerie could describe her items without interruption. I am sure Valerie appreciated the calmness. It was Val's last show of the year and it was her best.
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Re: Courtney with Valerie

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I agree, Courtney did a fabulous job with Valerie last night!  


She managed to do a great sales job giving quantities remaining and coordinating items of interest, without being heavy-handed like so many hosts have been lately.  Courtney was graceful just like Valerie.  They also seemed to have a genuine rapport, and had fun getting through a very crowded show of items together. 

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I only saw a few minutes of this show but I loved the pairing.


Such a calm presentation...I would watch more if it were like this all the time. Courtney was also dressed in a lovely and professional manner. Really nice!

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Re: Courtney with Valerie

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I just posted in another thread (that seems to have been deleted) how much I enjoyed the pairing.  It was calm and informative, with just enough spontaneity.  To be honest, Courtney surprised me by how well she fit with Valerie.


I hope they pair the two again.

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I agree

the best show I have watched on QVC in a long time. They worked so well together.

i have always liked Courtney except the pairing with JT.

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So very different from the other evening when Valerie was paired with Nancy Yoon..she kept almost screaming how great everything was..a number of times she ran off to get her phone...and actually began ordering right there and disrespectful, distracting,and unprofessional.....I'm sure the hosts know what is going to be presented in advance and have time to order anything they want to....

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Very good chemistry. I don't think Courtney's real personality is "I scream every time I see Mickey!" That is a fake act. I much prefer her calm, sensible version she showed with Valerie.

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I so agree.  I usually don't watch Valerie because I'm not much into house stuff right now in my life but I wasn't feeling good so I turned on QVC.  And it was a smooth operation (que Sade). 


Courtney was so Zen and professional.  She exuded class.  I think that's her real personality and not the wearing PJ's, manic, amped-up fake smiles, and forced gaiety that we get from the other hosts.



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I'm sorry I missed it.  Maybe I can find a product video or two.  I'm not normally a Courtney fan but I bet it was nice to see her presenting something besides cosmetics, clothing, and shoes. 

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Actually, I watched it and came upon it when switching channels. Usually I turn to something else, but the calmness and professionalism made me take a 2look. They weren’t loud or silly and actually bought the beautiful poinsettias.