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In her early days when the hosts were doing a lot of blogs she did one about her Mother. It included a couple of photos of them together in which she didn't have those sky high sharpie arched eyebrows that are like Desiree the IT reps eyebrows. Holy cow she looked much softer & prettier (just MO) when they weren't so arched. 


I do still agree she is pretty in an exotic sort of way, especially when you see her in profile. Remember when Liz Taylor played Cleopatra? In that sort of way. Or a Sophia Loren kind of way which is perhaps the look she is going for in the way she does her makeup.


She is like Amy in that she is small yet shapely and can wear almost anything and make it look good.



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Here's the thing. (see what I did there?)  I don't care what a host looks like.  I care they present the product and make me want to buy it.  I care that they don't lie and say they own every single thing QVC sells.  I'm sure the Q doesn't care what they look like either, they care that they SELL.  


I'm just tired of women being judged by their appearence.  Men rarely are.  Let people look the way they want to look.  It's their body, not mine.  

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I must agree here, we as women should not be so judgmental 

of other women. Everyone is different. Likes/dislikes are different,

It makes no difference that I prefer her hair dark, as it is not my hair.

As it makes no difference to me what others think of my hair color.

Personal opinion. Personal choice. 


Courtney is a well prepared host and she is doing well for herself at the Q.

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