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None of the items in my wish list are showing 5 easy payments.
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I am sorry the 5 are not showing. If you wish just place the orders on what is showing and then advise me on this thread. I will then go in and change them to 5.

Beth QVC

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@Beth-QVC wrote:

Hope you have your wish lists ready as Free Shipping today! 


Beth QVC


@Beth-QVC  Thanks for giving us all a *hint* a week or so ago. It was greatly appreciated! Smiley Very Happy


I ordered:


2 - M120640 - Keurig 72-ct Coconut Mocha k-cups

(looking forward to trying this new flavor!)


1 - A286838 - Carole Hochman set of 2 sleepshirts (purple)

(these sets are AWESOME...had to get one more set before they sell out!)


2 - A254819 - Denim & Co Knit Terry short sleeve (aqua & lilac)

(both of these tops are replacements...down 3 sizes!)

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 ‘I would just like to know why there are always so many issues with the Q’s website.  It is extremely inconvenient for me to have you place my orders. I prefer to do it myself.  Why can’t they fix the website so that it works properly.  This is just ridiculous 

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@Beth-QVC wrote:

Hope you have your wish lists ready as Free Shipping today! 


Beth QVC

Thank you @Beth-QVC Heart

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Are the items in your cart shoes or bags? Looks like the 5 easy pay only applies to them universally.

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My saved item list is no longer visible where I put my  interested items. I guess I will save some money. Interesting this is the first time I havent seen it on Free Ship day?  I can recall some items but would have ordered more I am certain.

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Just took care of all my Mother’s Day gifts!

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Beth - QVC.............can you do another Sunday miracle?  I don't order clothes often -  but really need & ordered SIX of Isaac's prima cotton tops for summer.  .........last night.  Shipping charge is significant - if you can pull strings = great.   If not = no hard feelings. 

I didn't know about the up-coming good deal.


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@Beth-QVC, and everyone,

Thanks QVC! Happy Shopping!