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I just spent the most enjoyable two hours with Rick & Katie (from CF), on the first CF's gardening show of the year!. This duo work so well together, they are fun, smart and interesting.  I love Katie.  She is very knowledgeable, gives direct info & answers., never boring.  She keeps it interesting. She is a definite winner on the CF team!

  Rick was terrific.  He admits to not being a gardener so I was extremely impressed with his questions, all things the audience would want to know.  He did not interrupt Katie, I was amazed and relaxed watching and listening to them for 2 hours!  Congrats. and high 5 to all of the behind the scenes personnel, the reception, audio and visual was perfect.  I imagine that has to be a chalenge. Katie and Rick worked like a well oiled clock....Thank you everyone!!

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I agree. It was an enjoyable show. 

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@momoftwo2007 wrote:

I agree. It was an enjoyable show. 


Sadly I stopped patronizing this company after Phillip Watson left.  The new team is not the same.